Is it Worth it to Buy Clickfunnels?

If you are looking for a way to build funnels, there are many options. However, one of them stands out from the rest. Clickfunnels took the internet by storm and they have just been in existence for a few years only.

What is Clickfunnels?
Clickfunnels is basically a landing page builder. Seem like you can find them anywhere right? Well, with Clickfunnels you get a full suite of tools. The drag and drop features, with proven pre-made funnels are already done for you, as well as the hosting. If you don’t have a website you can even use Clickfunnels to promote just about anything, including your own business even if it is not online.

Membership sites can also be created with Clickfunnels. Payment integration is easy and it integrates with Paypal, Stripe and other payment options.

You can even to A/B split testing to see which landing page works best. What I like most about Clickfunnels is that you don’t need a website and you also don’t even know how to build a website because the drag and drop builder makes it super easy.

What is a Sales Funnel?
The first part of the process is creating a free and enticing offer to get someone to subscribe to your email list. You would give tremendous value here, such as a list on the top 10 things in the niche you want to promote. You would target people in that niche.

The next step is to start sending them value based emails after you receive their email. You will be building up trust in a few emails here. Then after that, in one of your emails you will link to an offer. This offer must be tied into what you have been offering. If they add the item to their cart, then they are presented with an OTO (one time offer) to either double their order at a reduced rate or offer another relative product. The whole point here is to maximize sales.

Should You Buy it?
One of the cons of Clickfunnels is the price. For someone new, the price of $99 USD per month may seem steep. But even if you get one or 2 sales it has paid for itself already, and you are building up your list. People that see no success with Clickfunnels during their trial (14 days) normally end up canceling. For this reason I think Clickfunnels should have a monthly free trial to give people more of a chance to use and understand the platform.

It’s a good product though and I encourage you to try it out for yourself and see if you like it.